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203 Photography Sailing Calendars

This year we had the pleasure of shooting the Park City Regatta, and although we had never shot from a moving boat before, we found it to be an exhilarating new perspective on shooting sports. The water was a bit choppy making it necessary to shoot fairly fast (1/500th of a second). The Fayerweather Yacht Club was kind enough to provide us with a boat to go out and do a test run on during their normal Wednesday night races.

The nice thing about the summer night races is that you can capture much more dynamically lit images with the sun going down, in contrast to the Regatta which was held at noon, with the sun directly overhead. These pictures are products of that Wednesday night race, and the 2010 Park City Regatta. They are all available for purchase simply by clicking the photo, or click here to view the galleries.

We will also have Sailing Calendars available within the next couple of weeks that will feature the races and the regatta in Long Island Sound. In our continuing efforts to support Swim Across the Sound, we have partnered with Barbara and John Hannan of Send Out Cards, and members of and a member of the Housatonic Boat Club to sell these calendars and donate a percentage of the proceeds directly to Swim Across the Sound.  If you’re interested in purchasing one, or twenty, please click here.

If you have race, Regatta, or event next year, please feel free to contact us regarding including us in your plans. We are more than willing to work with your club or organization to help you raise funds through photography of your members in action. Click here to drop us an email.

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Seaside Park


Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

Click here to view and purchase prints from the 2010 Park City Regatta.

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Shot in Seymour, CT

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Derby-Shelton Train Bridge

On my biweekly commute home from my mothers house I cross the Derby-Shelton bridge to RT. 34, also known as Roosevelt Drive, named so due to the frequent trips FDR took on it during his administration. A major byway since the 1600’s, it straddles the beautiful Housatonic river, which I have photographed many many times. There is one structure in particular though that until recently I had ignored due to its lack of conventional access. The train bridge.

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As far as I can tell, based on the amount of research I was willing to do, this bridge has been between Shelton and Derby since they were 2 parts of the same city, back in the days before the flood of 1955, when Derby was set to be the industrial center of southeast CT.

Anyway, I was early for an appointment in downtown Shelton, and as is usually the case, decided to drive around in order to find something interesting to photograph. I found a road that lead to a path to this bridge. So I grabbed the camera, got out and started walking. Not the most pleasant of circumstances, as I was dressed for a meeting and it had to be over 85 degrees.

So I found the mouth of the bridge, and next to it, what I had to imagine was a homeless person, just relaxing. I asked him if the bridge was still used, as it looked pretty worn down, he answered that the train came in the morning and late at night, so I should be safe. For some reason, I just took his word for it. Luckily, it was a nice bright day, as I had left the tripod in my car and would be shooting hand-held. Obviously I wanted to close down as much as possible..

I backed up, and started composing. In my head, this is a process I work in reverse. I look around and find the most interesting shot I think I can, then I think of how I’d want to see this hung on a wall. So I backed up until I could fit the whole bridge in the frame, went for f8 on aperture priority on my Canon 50d (I would have closed down more, but I was hand holding, remember?), set the auto bracketing to 1, +1, -1, at ISO 200, and this is what I got after dropping this in Photomatix. I didn’t touch either of these photos with anything but Photomatix. This picture is one of my personal favorites.

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Seaside Park Lighthouse

fayerweather light house, Seaside Park, bridgeport, CT

These are a few examples of our artwork. utilizing different techniques, we have managed to put together a decent size collection from around the world, available for purchase in many different sizes and on different mediums. The lighthouse above looks great on a gallery wrapped canvas, but can also be ordered as a print, or a poster which identifies it as the Fayerweather lighthouse at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT.

The Poster to the left was shot during weekly races at the FYC. These posters are a more economical way to display the art. There are many available and we’re adding to the collection all the time. We are available for commission, should there be a subject you would like to have photographed artistically. We can work with any subject a place, a season, an animal, we can even shoot for a feeling or mood. We love to be challenged.

Below are a few more images from our collection that are available for purchase. You can click on any of them, and be brought directly to our online store where you can peruse even more. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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